Family Cycle Rides

Rideouts for all the family.

Throughout the year we organise ride outs across the region which are usually free*. These are suitable for all the family no matter what your age. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and where riding their own bike, children must not be using stabilisers. Child seats or trailers are welcome. Family ride outs tend to be a bit shorter in length than the social ride outs to accommodate any younger riders.

We also offer family ride outs with Geocaching – a worldwide treasure hunt for all ages. Further details can be found on the Geocaching website Family ride outs with Geocaching normally cost £15 per family (up to 2 adults and 4 children). These ride outs are led by our qualified National Standard cycle instructors. You will require your own roadworthy bike for the ride and a GPS device would be advantageous but not essential. Click on the link below to book a place.

*For non-Geocaching ride outs

What is this all about?

Geocaching is a bit of fun for the kids while out with the grown ups for a bike ride. Halfway through the ride we stop at a local cafe so you can have lunch (not included in price). Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt. Your instructor for the day will be equiped with the GPS and a number of geocaches along the route we will be riding. Your group will be given instructions and a coded hint as to the location of each of the Geocaches. Once the clue is solved, you should be able to find the hidden box and find what treasure it may hold.

For those that have their own handheld GPS device your instructor can email a set of GPX files for you to upload to your device prior to the day of the ride.

Where can I find more about Geocaching?

This is really easy go to for more details. You can also create an account prior to the ride so you can log your own finds on the ride.

Who is this for?

Basically anyone who is able to ride a bike unaided and is reasonably fit can join these rides. However we ask that all children under 16 are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Our family rides do incur a charge as we have to arrange a set of maps/clues for everyone and the GPX files.

How much will it cost?

Our family ride outs excluding Geocaching are free. Ride outs that include Geocaching incurr a charge of £15.00 per family (2 adults and upto 4 children) to cover costs of preparing clues for everyone.

How hard will the ride be?

This varies depending on the ride that day. However, as these are aimed at families we try to not be too strenuous. Check out each rides details below for how difficult they will be

Where do you go?

We tend to try to keep our rides away from main roads where possible, but for road riding routes these are on the best surfaced roads we can find. For mountain bikes, we go all over the Lancashire moors as well as the pretty countryside around the Medlock valley and around North Wales. Distance wise we try to keep to between 5 and 10 miles on these trips. The time taken for them is really up to the riders and how much fun they are having, but typically we aim for between 2 and 4 hours maximum.

How do I take part?

Simply fill in our request form and list the date and ride out you would like to join in on or simply book in our online shop. We will need to know how many members are in your group as well as the ages of anyone under 16 so we can better plan our routes.

Route 1- Daisy Nook social with Geocaching

Our first route takes us to Daisy Nook. The track starts at Wellyhole Street in oldham and winds its way around the medlock valley heading towards the visitor centre at Daisy Nook. We usually stop at this point for some lunch before returning via the visitor centre at Park Bridge and onwards back to the start point. The route takes in bridlepaths, quiet roads and towpaths. Terrain wise there are some hills especially when we leave Park Bridge. In the summer this is a pretty little route. Clues are provided at the start of the day and for those who have a gps we will provide gpx files for the geocaches no less than 24 hours before the day commences via email. GPS GPX route files can be found by clicking on the gpsies logo on the map.

Route 2- Easy mountain biking on the Shaw moor circular with Geocaching

This is a relatively short route. It takes you from the car park at brushes quary around the moor itself and up to the masts at the top, then its a fun downhill back to the car park.

The first half mile is heavy going until the path split as the climb is fairly steep for the not so fit, the next half mile is pretty easy going and most of our riders manage this. Then its downhill all the way to the car park.

Maybe not so interesting snippet of information, in the early to late 1980's before the moor access was blocked the local Lada Main agent used to bring customers up here to demonstrate the off road capability of the Lada Niva 4x4 by starting at the top and driving down the moor to our start point. Sometimes they would turn round and drive back up again. I have seen Land Rovers stuck up here in the 80's and early 90's but never a Lada Niva (the one car they did make properly)

In the summer the views are spectacular from here of cheshire and Lancashire. Clues are provided at the start of the day and for those who have a gps we will provide gpx files for the geocaches no less than 24 hours before the day commences via email. GPS GPX route files can be found by clicking on the gpsies logo on the map.

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