Level 3 National Standards Cycle Confidence Training

Commuting to work or college on your bike, on busy roads

During National Standards Level 3 confidence training you will learn the skills to tackle a wider variety of traffic conditions on busier roads than on Level 2. When you reach Level 3 standard you will be able to deal with all types of road conditions and more challenging traffic situations. The idea being you can make a safe journey to work or if you are younger, to high school. The course covers dealing with hazards, making on-the-move risk assessments and planning routes for safer cycling. This is suitable for ages 12 up to and including adults, though depending on your child's ability this could be offered to year 6 students. You will be trained in smaller groups of up to three cyclists per instructor, although individual training may also be available in your area.

Once you have completed your National Standards Level 3 training and been awarded your certificate, you will be able to cycle almost anywhere and:

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