Bike repair and maintenance courses

Repair your cycle and be able to do roadside repairs

Here at Cycle Training Manchester, we believe it is important that once you ride a bike, you also know the basics of how to keep your bike maintained. Whether you just want to learn how to mend a puncture or gain the knowledge to do more in depth repairs on your bike, we have a cycle maintenance course to suit you. We ask that you bring your bike along to the sessions as there is no better bike to learn on than the one you normally ride. Each course is adjusted to suit your requirements.

Please see below for the types courses on offer:

Beginner Maintenance: Covers areas such as how to mend a puncture, adjusting handlebars, adjusting seat, adjusting brakes (including changing brake blocks/pads).

Intermediate Maintenance: Covers areas such as bearing adjustment, spoke tension, gear adjustment.

Advanced Maintenance: Covers areas such as Hub disassembly, sturmey archer adjustment, derailleur adjustment, bottom bracket disassembly etc.

Who is this for?

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to maintain a bike.

What will we cover?

This varies on the course you take, but we start at the basics of tyre and wheel removal through puncture repair, bearing adjustment, torque settings, chain adjustment, seat adjustment, full bike restoration etc. Everything from beginners to advanced.

Do I need anything?

We do ask that you bring a bike with you and we will work on that. After all it is best to learn on the bike you will be riding and repairing in the future when you leave us!

Will I recieve a recognised qualification?

Taking part in one of our cycle maintenance courses does not give you an accredited qualification. These courses are designed to give you an understanding of how to maintain your bike for personal use/riding.

How do I take part?

Simply fill in our request form and list the date and course you would like to join in on. We will need to know how many members are in your group so we can better plan our courses. For clubs and organisations we can offer a bespoke course tailored to your requirements please contact us for more information.

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